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A tick, the color to change, a simple fold. Do you have a trip to the hairdresser? Do you know how much it costs you or will it cost you? Here's a guide to getting your bearings in the complicated world of hair styling. From 20 to 70 euros can cost a fold. The color? Depends on what you do. What if I want to smooth them? Even if the rule wants the hairdresser never to cheat, or at least rarely, because a good hair stylist knows us better than we know ourselves, it can happen to have to find one but we do not know by what to orient. The price of services can be a good discrimination for choice. You can have an idea of how much you want to spend and based on your budget make a choice. We think it's wrong to charge the same price for a service made by people with a different expertise: a cut made by a junior hairstylist may not have the same price as cutting an art director with obviously more experience. And so three types of service are born: 10 euros the cut made by the junior hairdresser; 18 euros the cut made by the senior hairdresser; 25 euros the cut made by the art director.

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